A Moment's Worth

Album: Start Where You Are (2011)

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Song: Rule No. 1

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A Moment's Worth consists of five long-time friends from the Bronx, NY who share an insatiable drive to
write, create, and perform their own music. Since 2004, A Moment's Worth has inspired their tightly-knit
fans with their tremendous energy, passion, and thoughtful lyrics. Past album releases include Ironic Last
Words (2004), A Moment's Worth (2007), and Sleepless EP (2008). With each successive album release,
AMW's growth and evolution as artists are evident. The band owes their maturity and depth in
musicianship to their own hard work, as AMW carefully crafts, records, and produces each song, aided by
the production talents of their very own guitarist, Nicola Terzulli.

START WHERE YOU ARE, A Moment's Worth's most recent release, testifies to the band's artistic
maturation. The album is infused with a heartfelt motif: be true to your inner voice and, most importantly,
don't let past hardships stop you from dreaming--use them to propel you forward. Start Where You Are's
track "Push" embodies this message. Its tempo, which mimics a quick-paced heartbeat, is incredibly
apropos, as the lead singer, Alex Bondarev, draws on deeply personal, poignant memories from his
childhood. Despite the wounds of his past, he does not take the present for granted, for he realizes that
his "roads led to this moment," face to face with the things he loves most: the people in his life, his music,
and his fans. The sincerity of AMW's "Push" and the album's overall theme is contagious, inspiring and
encouraging fans to follow their own intuition and go where their hearts lead them.

The unique sound of Start Where You Are is the product not only of this unprecedented, wide-open
window into the lives of AMW's band members, but also of the incredible amount of teamwork that went
into the album. Over the course of many sleepless nights, the band weaved into their songs the guest
vocals, mandolins, and other musical additions that their friends and fans provided. The end result
exceeded all of AMW's hopes and expectations; their unrestrained lyrics and inventive beats work
together to create a musical autobiography that is representative of their journey as a band thus far.

To each member, being in a Moment's Worth is much more than just being in a band. For them, the most
rewarding experience is playing to a crowd that knows and sings the lyrics AMW has poured their time,
lives, and hearts into. Hearing their fans' voices echo off the walls heartens and reassures the band that
their messages, living in the present and appreciating life to the fullest, resonate with listeners. A
Moment's Worth reminds us of the limitless importance of accepting and knowing ourselves through and

A Moment's worth is Alex Bondarev, Anthony Albanese, Frank Quarto, Johnny Endico, and Nicola